School on the farm brings movement into the classroom

Welcome to Schule auf dem Bauernhof (SchuB), the active and exciting lessons for pupils of all ages. Here you will learn what makes SchuB particularly valuable as a teaching concept, how to prepare SchuB activities and where to find SchuB farms. You will also find SchuB teaching materials as well as information and links on the topic of agriculture.

Experience – Discover – Learn

With School on the Farm, 360 farming families throughout Switzerland enable students of all ages to have direct contact with the world of the farm and thus with the origins of our food. SchuB is sustainable learning and experience with all senses. The farm as an extracurricular learning location has a lot to offer: Seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and experiencing, experiencing and working on connections.

SchuB makes knowledge comprehensible for children and young people – and has been doing so for over 30 years.

In the last 10 years, around 450,000 schoolchildren have benefited from the range of lessons on offer and thus gained a lasting insight into agriculture.