Alpe Cedullo

Typical products: Cheese, büscion cheese, ricotta cheese, formaggella cheese, robiola cheese, yogurt, meat (goat kids, lambs), cured meats, eggs.

Animals: Rhaetian Grey cows, goats, sheep, pigs, donkeys, courtyard animals, dogs, cats.

Offer with accommodation: Direct sales. Catering. Accommodation: dormitory with 9 beds. Only reachable by foot.

Opening period: From 1 June to the end of October.

Alpe Gambarogno is located at the top of the "Monti di Vairano" at height of 1281m on the sea surrounded by meadows and woods, building renewal offer, even if one can set aside a nice comfort.The young climbers with their goats, poultry three cows on th two dogs wish you a warm welcome.

Accessible from the Alpe di Neggia "(with panoramic view on the Lago Maggiore) or Indemini (forest with picturesque views)

The restaurant offers excellent and original 'meal mountain "as the polenta, goat cheese (production house), eggs (also production house), bacon and, of course, Ticino meat products (salami, ham, etc. .)

The house and a "great room" equipped with 9 beds and separate shower. Breakfast served in the cozy and spacious kitchen or on the terrace.

Cost for one night with breakfast 35. - CHF (inclusive bedding). Children up to 8 years free, 8-15 years CHF 25.-. Catering: every day "minestrone", weekends and holidays polenta with various side dishes or potatoes with cheeses and meat

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Alpe Cedullo

Patriziato di S. Nazzaro
C.P. 20
6575 S. Nazzaro

Manager: Claudia Gorbach
Phone: 786560454
Season: 01.06 - 30.10
Overnight stay and accommodation
Direct sales