Azienda agricola di montagna ‘’Funtana’’

Typical products: Cheese DOP ("Protected Designation of Origin") from the alp “Pian Segno Lucomagno”, milk, meat, butter, formaggella cheese, syrups, jams, home-made bread.

Animals: Dairy cows, heifers, calves, sheep, chickens, pigs, dogs, cats.

Offer with accommodation: Direct sales. Accommodation in vacation home for 5 people (minimum 1 week). Opportunity to participate in the daily activities of the family.

Opening period: All year.

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Azienda agricola di montagna ‘’Funtana’’

Ca- Comun
6724 Largario

Manager: Martinali Monika e Doris
Phone: 792997528
Season: All year
Overnight stay and accommodation
Direct sales