Azienda agricola Rampiga

Typical products: Milk and derivates (yogurt, cream, butter, fresh cheeses and cheeses with long ripening), meat (pig, veal, poultry), grappa and nocino, honey, flour for polenta.

Animals: Pigs, calves, cows, chicken, geese, ducks, turkeys, sheep, donkeys, horses, ponies, bees, cats, dogs.

Offer: Direct sales. Guided tours of the farm, basic and advanced riding lessons with ponies and horses, seminars, lunches and dinners, theoretical and practical classes on the milk processing. Participates in the program “Farm school”.

Opening period: All year (by reservation).

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Azienda agricola Rampiga

6981 Bedigliora

Manager: Monica Giandeini
Season: All year (by reservation)
Overnight stay and accommodation
Direct sales